Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our Monthly Newsletter Is Now Available

 Every month The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori and Associates, LLC., publishes a newsletter which is compiled for us by the legal publisher, FINDLAW. I have found these Newsletters to be really well done. In fact they not only provide information on a number 0f important criminal law topics but they also provide really good checklists to help readers evaluate their cases.

This month there is a really good checklist on how to avoid behaviors that will attract the IRS' ire.
For example:
Claiming an exemption for a dependent whom you never supported.
Destroying your books to conceal tax evasion.
Creating false checks or receipts to support deductions that don't exist.

I am often suprised that people are being advised by others to do exactly these types of things. Some of the items on the list seem to be obvious (i.e. don't lie about your income), but I hear it regularly from people who ought to know better. Read the Newsletter by clicking here. Sign up for monthly updates by clicking here and following the directions.

I hope you enjoy the Newsletter. If you find you need to talk about something you read there, contact us by phone or e-mail by clicking here.

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Mobile Phones said...

This short list is so obvious, that I think I'm just as surprised as you that some people are advised to do these sort of things! Every single one of these things is crooked to the extreme – not shrewd but downright crooked. Claiming an exemption from a dependent you never supported?? Hello? Of course the IRS will come knocking down your door! Destroying your books to conceal tax evasion?? Yes, you BELONG in jail my friend. Who the heck does these kinds of things and thinks that they're not going to get caught eventually? Creating false checks?? Lying about your income??

I bet people that do this still end up playing 'the victim' when they get caught, or pretend they didn't know what they were doing. These are so obvious and clearly crooked it's a little nauseating. And people that advise others to do these things are clearly plain crooks!