Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Law Of Gilligan's Island

It is Saturday night. I am in Washington DC with my family. It is the first time we have been together since the end of August. I wish I could say we are getting used to being 3 instead of 4, but in reality, we have felt a lot like a car hobbled by a tire with a slow leak, we get where we have to go, but it's just not a lot of fun.

So today we took the Amtrak Acela Express down here and are over-indulging our eldest child, as if he has just returned from being at war as opposed to being a freshman at the nation's most costly university.

He is showing us around town. "Kharzi spoke here." "I saw Mussaraf there." "Son's of Pitch" (the GWU male acapella group he sings with) "performed in this park last week, this is where the guys with the M16's stand when a dignitary comes onto campus"...(That one really got to my wife...)
He eats in restaurants as George Washington Univ. doesn't have a "cafeteria." He knows where to eat. Today Lindy's Red Lion (amazing burgers), tonight Giovanni's (unreal Osso Buco, veal stuffed tortellini in a panne sauce, Chocolate Mousse), Tomorrow brunch at Season's and Dinner at some French place near Capital Hill. Monday The Daily Grill. Then back to NY.

So long story short, I don't feel much like working. I am having too much fun eating, sight seeing, and watching football with my friend, my son.

Nevertheless, I came across this article that is fast to read and fun too. It is about the legal implications of Gilligan's Island. I dedicate this column to my son Sal. Gilligan's Island was one of his favorite TV shows.

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