Thursday, February 15, 2007

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!

I am very excited to announce that this formerly solo blog is back and going to be better than ever. If you are reading carefully, you saw the word "formerly" in the last sentence. That is because LICTL is becoming a group blog. Two of my Associates, Amy Hsu and Diane Petillo are joining me. I would like to introduce these talented women to you.

Diane Petillo is our Sr. Associate and leads our Civil Litigation Department. Practicing in the personal injury field for most of her 13 year career, Diane has been a plaintiff and defendant's lawyer. For the last year, she has concentrated her work on civil matters as diverse as mistreatment of prisoners to the devastating injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents where drivers were not taking sufficient care of themselves or of their vehicles. Diane's case load is extremely diverse. She can be working on behalf of a victim of government misconduct one day, and working on behalf of a wrongfully accused corporation on a civil Rico case the next. The Defamed, victims of Assualt, False Imprisonment, Sexual Abuse; Whistleblowers and those discriminated against because of their religious beliefs, race, age or sex, all wind up in Diane's office. As a co-blogger, I expect to see Diane writing on a lot of the cases and issues that appear in her case load. A hard nosed trial lawyer (as opposed to a litigator, trial lawyers actually try cases)Diane is a good teacher of trial techniques as well. I look forward to her teaching posts.

Amy Hsu is another associate in our Office. Amy is in charge of Appeals. In our offices we all try cases and we all write motions and appeals. It's just that Amy writes better than most. Formerly a law fellow for the Honorable William Donnino, This year's NYS Bar Association's Vincent Doyle award Reciepient As Outstanding Jurist, Amy has studied and learned at the elbow of one of NY's finest trial judges. Since joining our firm in September of 2005, Amy has tried two cases to verdict and sucessfully achieved dismisals in many others, thanks to her well crafted and ingenious motion practice. In addition to her work here at The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates PLLC Amy works on legal articles and CLE Programs for the Nassau County Bar Association's Academy of Law. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and understands Taiwanese as well. I look forward to her insightful commentary on criminal cases.

As both young women are new to blogging, I expect we will be starting out slowly but I hope you will find nearly daily blogging by members of our team soon.
Please encourage these young writers and comment on their work as often as you can.

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