Monday, August 21, 2006

Sui Generis' Monday Blawg Round Up a Must Read

If you click on the above title you will come to one of my favorite blawgs for lawyers. Nicole Black's Sui Generis. Every Monday (well at least she tries for Mondays) Nicole blogs about the best of the NY Blawgs the week before. She tries not to leave anyone out. She raises hits for us all. More importantly she helps us to keep current.

Nicole is a really good writer and she writes clearly and crisply. She is funny too! Her Blawg features regular comedic breaks that include the ridiculous things people say on the witness stand. A lot of the stuff comes out of the mouths of attorneys too.

Wednesday is a newspaper round up of the things she finds the state's newspapers are writing about.

Finally nearly everyday Nicole writes her own blog, disecting the cases and teaching us how to use them. Nicole does great work. If you are one of the lawyers who frequents my blogs, go to my blogroll and click on Sui Generis, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

By the way today Sui Generis has links to our blog and to Second Circuit blog's story on the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruling that a judge could not reject the 100:1 Coke to Crack ratio in fashioning a sentence, Sui links to Small Towns Lawyer Blog who writes about the amendments to the Freedom of Information Law in NYS, and there are links to a bunch of other stuff on there too. Enjoy.


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Thanks so much for the kind words!

I enjoy your blogs as well.