Friday, July 07, 2006

Judge Treats Repeat DWI Offenders "Like Human Beings" and Gets Great Results: Now There's A Concept!

Memo to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice and Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota:

From our friends over at the CrimProf Blog, There is a judge who understands the concept of "Carrot and Stick" in Minnesota. The judge will take repeat offenders and spread their jail sentences out over years. He jails them for a month at a time in July and December. If they can prove to him that they have maintained employment, therapy, and sobriety, they miss that months jail until the next time when they have to do it all over again. Records show recidivism has been cut in half!!

Think about this. It encourages good behavior, it does away with the need for a probation violation hearing, it saves money on incarceration costs (because often the first time a repeat offender sees jail is on the felony conviction)and it reduces the need for costly trials which depend on a faulty machine working on voodoo science which often wind up with the prosecution losing.

Hmmm. Saves money, effectively reduces recidivism and isn't punitive. Come on guys. Do you have the guts to actually do something about the DWI problem? Or is it all a show for your MADD supporters?

Money quote Judge James Dehn said "It's about treating them (repeat drunk driving offenders) like human beings," Whoa, what a concept!

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