Friday, March 24, 2006

A Quick Note.

I am headed up to Boston for the Spring Meeting of the Scleroderma Foundation Board of Directors. (If you want to learn about the disease or make a donation to a very worthy cause click here) Hence since I was up all night at a raid of a Gentlemen's club in Jamaica Queens and have night arraignments in Kew Gardens, Queens tonight, and then the 5 hour drive to Foundation HQ and a full day of meetings tomorrow, I thought it best to get a couple hours of shut eye.

As I have been on something of a role, I want to keep it up so here are a few things I found interesting"

SCOTUS is debating Prisoner lawsuits and the whole issue of exhaustion of State remedies an here is Yahoo's take on it. As a civil rights lawyer, I think the 15 day requirement is pathetically too short. 90 days is often less than sufficient, however a really good rule might be based on the strength of the pleading so that good cases don't get knocked out a bad ones that cost the county money to defend can be disposed of quickly and inexpensively. If I had to come down on one side or the other, I would come down on the side that preserves the rights of the imprisoned to bring the suit, and rely on the wisdom of the court to bounce it SJ grounds as soon as it could.

Here is a really good and important article on the "prep Walk" and how to help avoid it especially for your white collar crime clients. Hat tip to White Collar Crim Prof Blog . Personally I do not see how these police orchastrated dramas are not poisoning the identification process (which is already tenuous at best.)

Ok ,there is more but I am falling asleep at the wheel here. Good luck eveeryone.

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