Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Sunday Trip Around The Weekend Blogospere

Most of the week I am so busy I can barely read all my friends posts much less get to mine. This past week I ran a mock Grand Jury presentment in a case that goes to the Grand Jury later this week, and of course handled the myriad of other cases in our office coffers. Finally we have a new attorney in the office trying her first case. I am trying to help her too. I hope by the end of this week I will get another trial practice post out to you all here.
Anyway, this is what kept my attention this weekend:

Blogging for fun and profit has taken on a real interest for lawyers. I have found it has really helped me get hits to my website and that in turn sends clients to our offices.
Blog related articles of interest can be found here,and here.

I liked this cause of action though I am not sure that there will be recovery after the default verdict. Hope I get the chance to bring one of these on behalf of an injured or fallen soldier. It would be an honor.

Evan Schaffer has some instructions for jury selection over at his trial practice blog

Evan also notes the trouble prosecutors are having in the Milbank Weiss case in getting convictions. It seems that it is hard to convict when you don't have a case. Anyway the government is blaming the usual suspects: Lawyers. Check it out here at Evan's other blog. (Two blogs... He is my hero)

Here is a really good primer on what a Public defender is. I especially liked the last paragraph on how we can defend "those" people. Check it out. Hattip to Skelly over at Arbitrary and Capricious. Dave Feige is steamed (and that's an understatement) over at Indefensible where a NY Times reporter clearly shows she doesn't understand what we do or why we do it. Maybe she should read Skelly's blog more often.

New Jersey is trying to limit peremptory challenges but fortunately the plaintiff's bar is stopping it. I wish the criminal defense bar could show the commitment the plaintiff's bar shows. Point of Law Blog hates the plaintiff's bar, but they did put me onto the story here.

This article bodes well for NY (and Long Island) Solo and small firm practitioners. My Shingle discusses the study here.

Speaking of Solos, check out this post and the cited article on the guy Vice President Cheney accidentally shot. He's had a great career. I have been thinking about the latest Washington tempest in a teapot and I have decided that I would rather go hunting with Cheney than driving with Ted Kennedy. Hattip to Michelle Malkin for the concept.

Thinking of taking on a civil rights case? Better read this post before wading into the water. A story with a moral: Never depend on Congress to be fair. I think they need to see the posts cited in the paragraphs above.

DWI Blog has an excellent post on how a breath testing machine can give a false positive on a substance other than alcohol. I had a case one time where the defendant blew a .20 and swore he drank nothing. Turned out he had been using paint and paint thinner all day. Read this post and learn what the prosecutor doesn't want you to know about breath testing. Now maybe you will understand why I think DWI cases can be won!

Professor Berman wants to know what to make of the SCOTUS silence on the previously argued death penalty cases in this post.

Finally I have been busy looking at our New Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. So far I am not really impressed. Read about it here.

Later this week (with any luck) I will write about prepping for trial.

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