Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some Interesting Posts For Trial Lawyers

It has been a busy week here at The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori and Associates so I haven't had a chance to really look and see what is being decided in the area. Hopefully we will look at a couple of cases later this week.

In the meantime here are a few posts by fellow bloggers that I think Trial lawyers might find important. Check out the links in these posts when they are available. It amazes me how much information is available to us. Anyway here we go to the "Roll":

Over at the Non-billable Hour this post links to a couple of articles that will help you to make the office more efficient and help out those of you who have some speaking gigs coming.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: I am speaking at two upcoming CLE programs. On Sunday Jan. 29, 2006 I will be at the Nassau County (NY) Bar Association "Bridge the Gap Weekend" from 12-2 on Pretrial Criminal Law. Link here to get registration material and solve all your CLE requirements in one weekend. My co-presenters are Joe Gentile and Hon. Leah Russian. The program coordinator is our own AMY HSU from our office.

I am also speaking on the weekend of February 8th-11th at the NACDL Midwinter Meeting. I will be talking about what works in legal marketing. I think the idea is for people to learn from my mistakes. It is a good panel. I will make my materials available as soon as the program is over.

How To Trace An E-Mail
Ever find a need to trace an e-mail back to the sender, I can do it by following the link found at Dennis Kennedy's blawg. Find it by going to this post and following the link there.

The Future of Sentencing In America
This post by Prof. Doug Berman leads you to a very interesting debate on the future of the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines. It is a must read for all lawyers whether you practice in federal court. What happens there often trickles down to the states. Mandatory minimums, Justice Dept. Responses, and other ideas are all covered by these two very knowledgeable sentencing wonks. It is a mandatory read I think.

Fee Splitting Agreements
A discussion about fee splitting agreements in the personal injury area that will affect lawyers handling Civil Rights cases Civil RICO and other contingency fee cases can be found at this post.

Jim Calloway Helps Ring In Corel's New WordPerfect Release
Corel has a new Wordperfect release. Jim's site should be checked out generally and for this information specifically. Find the post here.

Forget About "How I Can Defend 'Those' People?" How About "How Can I Belong To The ACLU?"
Professor Eugene Volokh is a conservative law professor and a darling of the right. He is (mostly) also a libertarian. (Actually all of us who claim to be libertarian are just mostly libertarian, after all complete libertarianism usually leads to anarchy. I like to think of libertarianism as the real vision of the Founding Fathers.) With honest to goodness conservative bona fide's he is someone whose defense of the ACLU is a great defense of an organization that is controversial, misunderstood, and oft maligned. To belong to the ACLU does not mean that you by into all of its positions. It does mean that you have a real understanding that to believe, really believe in liberty, sometimes you have to stake out positions that you abhor. I recommend this post to you.

Ok the AFC Championship is about to begin. But as I sign off, I want to invite you to check out our posts at our sister site That Lawyer Dude. We have been doing some interesting things there too.

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