Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Little Off Topic: A great new Italian restaurant and advice from a PD

Just saw the above note and I am in a frivolous mood. SO enjoy. Whether you are a Public Defender or always paid, Tell me you never wanted to say most of this at least once in your career (this assumes you are in practice at least 3 months.)

Ok On to a new place to eat. CIPOLLINI's in the Americana shopping center in Manhasset (and Cippollini's Presto which is an Italian style Cafe). We just had a great meal there. This is saying a lot as I am an American of Italian decent and have grown up around Italian food my whole life.

On arrival you see a great big Yellow umbrella awning drawing you into this Italian Bistro. The weather was good so the bar opened onto the sidewalk like a Italian towns Piazza. The only thing missing was a fountain. The bar is made of beautiful wood and two big Televisions show subtitled Italian Movies for your viewing and waiting pleasure. (If you do not have reservations you will appreciate this as you will wait a while without them, this place is POPULAR!)

Our meal began with a wonderful antipasto (a big plate of Italian meats and cheese) and a wonderfully flavorful (and thick) Tuscan Tomato Soup with a drizzle of virgin olive oil and a piece of Italian bread toast lazily floating on top. We then split the ravioli filled with Duck ragu. The ravioli was served al dente and I would have added Romano cheese to mine but everyone else at the table thinks I use too much cheese. Dinner was a wonderfully tender not overly flavored and perfectly breaded Veal Picatta (for my oldest son) and a chicken pannini with fresh mozzarella and a lush thick roasted red pepper in a oven baked pannini (my younger son's choice) I had a Juicy, thick veal chop. We shared a plate of Polenta which was The Best I have ever had!! (I'd apologize to my Mom but she always said she hated making polenta.) The polenta had the consistency of oatmeal (no it is not usually served fried, that makes it unhealthy) and was creamy and cheese filled. It had just the right amount of seasoning ( and I didn't even want to add grated cheese!) We all shared a very dry bottle of the house Chianti. (I would urge the addition of a Barolo).

Dolce (dessert) was three Chocolate cakes which were served warm and with vanilla Ice Cream. The center was kinda creamy and warm and had the taste of a really chocolate brownie. The cake was in a kinda pie crust. My sons loved it. I liked it too. I wasn't as happy with the pannacotta which needed a bit of flavoring ( I would add a little Vanilla.) The Cappuchino was excellent but the filtered (American) Coffee was a little weak. The whole meal cost less than One hundred Fifty dollars plus tip.

The restraint has been open for about three weeks, and is standing room only on a Saturday night at 5:30pm. They are still working out the occasional kink but it is already the IT place to be on the Miracle Mile. I highly recommended visit before it gets too hard to get a reservation!

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